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​​The importance of organizing is more than simply aesthetics. It has transformed our family in so many ways. Teri Jo helped us completely clear our home and our lives! From finally getting rid of old photos and files, to reorganizing ​​the kitchen and closets, to coming up with organizational systems that we can keep up - Teri Jo has been such a blessing to us! She also helped to create some structure for our family, including a chart for our kids to earn money by tracking daily tasks and responsibilities. That alone has turned into a major learning experience on finances, personal accountability, and keeping our word. We now have Sunday night family meetings that we all look forward to. In addition to being happier and more productive, we are enjoying our home and each other so much more. Thanks, Teri Jo!  We need you on an ongoing basis! ~Elizabeth, Beverly Hills, CA​​​​​
Teri Jo has a natural gift for organizing. What is unique about her is how attuned she was emotionally to how I was feeling and what was needed to keep the momentum going. This is a great asset when helping someone who is going through belongings that are sentimental with sadness and difficult feelings. My son had passed away a few years before and I had a lot of his belongings to sort through. Teri Jo embraced how I was feeling and I was comforted by her genuine, loving support throughout the process. At times, I needed her to tell me to let go of certain things. It was a great relief to do this, clearing the space not only physically, but also the energy in the room as well. She looks at a space and immediately knows what is needed. She is intuitive, hard-working, focused, works quickly, and checks in consistently. I felt safe with Teri Jo. She is trustworthy going through personal and sometimes confidential material. It was a joy working with Teri Jo and I highly recommend her services to anyone going through a transition. ~Terese, Seattle, WA
Teri Jo assessed the situation, listened to my goals and asked pertinent questions in order to create the most effective plan. With kindness and a non-judgmental attitude, she guided me through all the clutter, helping identify what was to be kept, what was to be recycled, and what was to be donated. She even disposed of items and brought back receipts for tax purposes. She worked quickly and efficiently organizing what was left into a beautifully organized storage system. I would highly recommend Teri Jo to anyone needing help with any type of organization project. Teri Jo is coming back to do more… and I can’t wait! ~Sharon, Long Beach, CA
When I reached out to Teri Jo, I was post-divorce and swimming in decades worth of stuff needing to be sorted and organized. On top of that, I was also facing the heart-heavy challenge of helping my kids say goodbye to the only home they'd ever known. In a matter of days, Teri Jo gathered up all the things I didn't know what to do with from around the house, and strategically placed them into categories. We started by going through the least sentimental items, and with her support, I got the strength and momentum to keep up with this emotionally challenging task. In our intention setting session at the beginning, it became clear that supporting the kids was vital to the success of our organizing session, so while I worked through the boxes and piles, Teri Jo guided each of my two children through their own process of claiming what to keep and what to let go of. By the end of our time together, I found the courage to sort through even the most sentimental of items, and each of the children had fully transitioned into their bedrooms in our new home. I knew we'd succeeded when my 10-year-old said, "This house feels like our house, and now I can't imagine this room NOT being my room!" ~Rumi, Seattle, WA​​
For anyone needing a push to get things organized in your home or even on your computer, I highly recommend the extraordinary skills of Teri Jo Wheeler. If you have been struggling to get things done before the holidays or just in general, Teri Jo has a gentle, caring way of helping you to focus and achieve what might seem impossible. She can lift anyone out of chaos and into order with such cheerfulness and ease, that the process is filled with joy and celebration. Anyone thinking that this might be a chore will be blown away by the fun of it all. Teri Jo helped me beyond words and her teaching has given me the skills and motivation to continue the momentum she started. You will be thrilled. ~Winifred, Ensenada, Mexico
Working with Teri Jo was a profound and joyful, literally life enhancing experience. It was much more than sorting, clearing and organizing, but it was that too. Angel, guide, ‘new life midwife’ Teri Jo supported me in clearing boxes of old stuff - family photos, past business files, closets of linens, etc. She is gifted in showing me my life through her eyes, giving me an expanded perspective of what's possible, deeply appreciating all things, using past experiences, exploring life purpose and its evolution and building on that with amazing possibilities and some thrilling and inspiring actual next steps. Having Teri Jo's loving, patient, insightful support made what I was dreading as drudgery into a pleasure. And it set me up for continuing the process of making those ongoing decisions and being kind and generous to myself and all concerned. ~Anna, La Mision, Mexico​​
Teri Jo is trustworthy and very easy to work with.  My attic and garage were disorganized messes, so I called her for help. She spent a full week getting me totally organized. With her help, we were able to remove eight 55 gallon garbage cans full of files,photos and other items I did not need. She is dedicated to helping you so that you can find what you need in a fast, efficient way. You will be thrilled with how much better you feel after working with her. ~Roland, Palm Springs, CA​​
My kitchen cupboards and drawers needed a make-over. Teri Jo was highly recommended by a friend and she did a fabulous job, listening to what I wanted and getting a ‘feeling’ for me and my preferences. She cleared all the cupboards and drawers, cleaned and disposed of expired items, and rearranged items in more practical and pleasing ways. Everything feels lighter and fresher, and I am so happy with the results. I’m excited to have her come back to help with the rest of the house. ~Kristeen, Torrance, CA​

I highly recommend Teri Jo as a powerful organizer. I have worked with other organizers and what makes Teri Jo one level better is that she customized the organization flow based on my unique needs, strengths and even fears. Organizing and To Do lists are not my favorite things to spend time on.  When we were in the middle of the chaos of what my new flow would look like, Teri Jo did a great job of reassuring me that by the end of the day it would all be clear and I would feel good about it because it would be what I needed, not what she thought I needed. She is truly partner and in my words, a cocreator of Heaven on Earth. Now when I see clutter on my desk I don’t go into angst about it because I know that with my new organized flow everything will get done within divine order, and much of the time, it will be fun! ~Heidi, Santa Monica, CA