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Home SOULutions

Organize • Declutter • Renew

What It Is

   A hands-on, heart-led approach to Decluttering and Organizing. 
*  *  * 
Kitchen & Dining Room 
Bedrooms & Bathrooms
Kid & Craft Rooms
Closets & Basements
Garage & Storage Units
Photos & Memorabilia 
Office & Computer Files
Time Management & Self-Care ​​

How It Works

  As creative collaborators, we
design a system to best fit your preference, style and routines. 
We maximize efficiency by
combining time working
side-by-side with time I spend 
taking care of things for you. 
* * * 
After our time together you
will be freer and feel lighter, living only with things that support and nourish the life you want to live.  

Why Now?

As Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick say, "Outer experience is a reflection of inner reality.”  What is your current outer experience reflecting to you?  ​​
Whether you are growing through
a difficult transition, are tired of feeling lost in piles of papers and stuff, or are simply wanting greater clarity, vitality and flow, decluttering and reorganizing will open up a
whole new world for you. 
You are worth it!

Teri Jo Wheeler

New Life Midwife

Together, we will transform
cluttered chaos into serene spaces, 
papered piles into prospering places, 
and frustrated frowns into delighted faces. 

Teri Jo has been a soul-centered teacher and coach for 20 years. She is a natural born intuitive, empath and organizer. She found out early on that having things in order helped to calm her emotions and inspire creativity and aliveness. The Practical and Pleasing placement of our 
most treasured items helps create greater ease, flow and vitality in our home and our life.
It also assists in our ability to effortlessly find whatever we need when we need it.  
Teri Jo's signature work supports clients in igniting their authentic expression, expansive freedom and exuberant joy inside and out.

* Revitalize, Refresh, and Restore Your Home and Your Life Today.. *

Inside and Out, create Space for Grace and Flow to Glow!